Will Online Education take over Traditional Education?

Covid-19 redefining education

Nationwide, the closure of schools has impacted nearly 55 million school students. Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown around the worldwide is not allowing the students to attend the class in person.

Further, the UNESCO report estimated that the coronavirus pandemic would adversely impact over 290 million students across 22 countries.

Is it time to redefine our conventional education system globally?

The classrooms will not be resumed for further three to four months until this pandemic stops. But what about the loss to the student’s education? 

Here, the digital education appears to be a viable solution to fill the gap of learning until classes resume. This will enable inclusive education by facilitating learning across countries.

The customized learning solutions for every student will help them to feel more confident and engaging. The ed-tech market will grow manifold in the next few years.
Where one side children are stuck at home another side, it has created a spike in demand for online learning.

The US schools have started online classes from home during the coronavirus outbreak. So, your country is in lockdown, and you are also stuck at home.

Well, my recommendation is to learn a new skill. And within a few days, you can master any of skill. Many students and working professionals have joined different e-learning platforms in the past few days to enhance their skills. 

Emerging Trends in Online Education System for Youths

The education system in the world mainly consists of three major areas:

  1. School
  2. College/Universities
  3. Courses

Scope of E-learning

The Online Education system’s scope is not limited to the school only. It includes higher level courses to get high paid jobs. E-learning has courses, modules for competitive exam preparation, professional skill improvement, and other non-academic subjects.

The demand for E-learning among job-seekers

Current financial conditions due to coronavirus lock down are slapping the job workers with twin pressure of layoffs and job paucity. 

The automation is also threatening 69% of jobs in India. There have been massive layoffs in the IT, Telecom and Manufacturing sectors. People are being replaced by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The surveys revealed that 58% of unemployed graduates and 62% of unemployed post-graduates said that the primary reason for unemployment is the non-availability of jobs matching their skill and education. 

Considering the above two scenarios, it is evident how important it is to learn new skills. Both job-seekers and working professionals feel to gain by enhancing skills through career advancement courses.

They think that such courses could benefit them all-rounded, such as:

Increase their chances of getting better jobs. Negotiate better pay packages, Switch jobs matching to their new skills and interest, and Stay industry-relevant. 

How is the online education system filling the learning gap?

In the wake of this emergency and keep in mind that there shall not be any academic loss to the children, most of the learning platforms are providing the facility of online learning. Various methods are adopted, such as telecommunication, Skype call, and access to other virtual options to fill the gap of learning from school to home. 

But, the question arises, which online platform should we choose to learn the skills of our interest?

There are various online learning platforms such as Unacademy, Vidyakul, Udemy, Coursera, etc. to learn the new skills, prepare CBSE exams, competitive exams (JEE/NEETSSC/UPSC/NET/GATE/CA/CS/Govt.Jobs).

If you are also looking the ways to boost your skills during quarantine or eager to ready for post-pandemic hiring, then join and explore India’s largest learning platform, “Vidyakul” 

Many students think about the costs of the courses as well. The interesting thing about “Vidyakul” is you don’t have to spend a lot to learn skills.

They also offer free online certifications, courses, and training to help you brush up on highly marketable tech skills. Grab the popular courses to such online education will help to offset the impact of school closures.

BUY IT NOW with more than 80% discount – They can be done anywhere, anytime, at one’s convenience.

How online education system works?

Online learning enables personalized lesson formats. This makes learning more engaging and interactive. Online career courses are affordable, knowledgeable, takes hardly one-fourth time that of an offline course. They offer flexibility in time as per your schedule.

The online education system has various options for the students:

Live sessions of 20-30 minutes (Individually/Group) just like in the face to face classes.

Prerecorded videos of lessons in which teachers explain the subjects and topics.

Doubts clearing sessions through Skype or other video conferencing modes

Work actively on providing supplementary education, such as e-tutorials, internships and live projects.

The COVID-19 outbreak hit the whole education sector to shift to digital mode and with both human and technical support. So, the move is aimed at easing the pressure on students and helping them use their time profitably without compromising on the quality.

The Global reach of Internet

Undoubtedly, the internet era is influencing everyone around us, especially to the children. The natural curiosity to discover and learn new ideas, skills, and concepts enables them to adopt the technologies quickly. Not only children, but parents are turning to the Internet for excellent learning programs.

The current estimated users of the Internet today are 432 million, and it is estimated that it will increase to 730 million by the end of 2020. The Internet offers huge accessibility to enroll the numerous courses for the youth demographic (usually age of 15-40 years) globally. 

The Internet also allows taking advantage of degrees and certifications from around the world to urban as well as rural.

Don’t want to miss your school classes? Utilize your quarantine time and start studying with Vidyakul

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We hope that this dreaded pandemic is controlled soon. But to bring everything normal, it will still take time. That’s why; Digital learning is here to bridge the gap between teachers and learners.

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