Top home products you should have in 2020

Let’s have some quick review of home products that will add a classy look in your home and also make your life easier. If you are also looking to add some game-changing home products in your home, go ahead and find the most useful things. presenting Top home products you should have in 2020.

Surprisingly, home products are not that much costly that you are thinking, but they can be grabbed at affordable prices that will surely blow your mind.

Here are the top 8 home products that are available at a very reasonable price, and every home must-have. With these home products, you will surely wonder why you didn’t start using them earlier.

1. Dr. Purifier Non-Electric Organic Air Purifier:

Let’s bring the portable, natural and organic purifier at home. Dr. Purifier Non-Electric Organic Air Purifier is very much affordable as compared to other purifiers. With 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic features, it is the best choice among the customers to purify their home.

This non-electric organic air purifier bag contains high quality activated charcoal that has micro pores on its surface and nano pores on the bag. These pores help in absorbing the bacteria, nasty odours, pollutants and impurities. 

You can use it in your bedrooms, wardrobes, refrigerators, kitchen or washroom. Moreover, they are available in different sizes to hang in different rooms of your house. The best thing is you can reactivate it with direct sunlight and reuse it for at least 1 year. 

Buy your desirable purifier size here:

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2. Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer

Rice cooker are the most commonly used kitchen appliances at home and take a little effort to prepare your tasty rice. Oster rice cooker with a steamer is a small and quick rice maker with 6 cup rice capacity. You will not get the cheaper and quality cooker than Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer.

It comes with many features such as auto shut off, keep warm function, power indicator and multi-use to cook food. You can easily move it as its handle stay cools and it takes just 15 minutes to cook rice. 

Moreover, it has also 1 litter vegetable steamer to steam veggies, corn, fish or whatever you like. It will not reduce or spoil the nutrients, colour and taste of your food while steaming. Coming to its cleaning and maintenance, it is dishwasher safe or can be easily washed and clean by using the regular sponge. 

If you are looking for some quick food and have a small family, Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer, home product is you must have at home.

3. HealthSense (India) Chef-Mate KS 33 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale & Food Weight Machine

People are enhancing the experience of kitchen appliances, and a digital kitchen scale is now becoming one of the most popular home products. 

Health sense chef mate is a beautifully designed kitchen weighing scale that provides accurate and precise details about the food weight. 

It is best suited for those who love to try out new recipes, chefs, etc. because it helps them to know the exact ratio of the ingredients and flavour to be added in their recipes. Mostly, fitness trainer recommends you to take 50g of this food, 100 gm of this food etc. here, Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale is essential equipment to keep an eye on your calories intake.

HealthSense (India) Chef-Mate KS 33 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale & Food Weight Machine comes with a big LCD screen that shows the weights, auto turn off, different units (gm, ml, oz) to measure and 1 year warranty. You can also check when the machine is getting overloaded with “EEEE” indicator. It has the maximum capacity up to 5kg.

4. Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker

Give an icy treat to your friends this summer!

Another super cool household product in our category is Nostalgia Snow, Cone Maker. Nothing is more excited to make your ice cream cone at the home of your favourite flavour. I have recently bought it in summer, and it is working amazing in making my all-time favourite chocolate flavour snow cone. Kids are going to love it anyway. 

Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker is the most suitable cone maker that can produce 20 (80z) snow cones at a time. The stainless steel cutting blades are highly effective in cutting the ice into pieces accurately. It turns your regular ice cubes into fluffy snow ice quickly.

For safety, it has a safety switch and that your hands safe while operating the machine. The size is also compact that can be perfectly set on a small table. You will get 2 reusable plastic snow cups and once scoop.

5. Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

Cooking eggs is not a mess anymore now with Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker. It is an inexpensive kitchen appliance that offers to prepare your poached and omelettes more quickly and less messily. It has the capacity of boiling 12 eggs at a time. You can choose to have softly boiled, hard-boiled or poached eggs.

The best thing about this egg cooker is that there’s no need for flipping, or touching of eggs at all while cooking them. They’re steamed for a certain period depending upon what type of egg you are trying to make.

The egg cooker is most recommended for those who cook egg frequently, especially in greater quantities. It is also great for homemakers to prepare breakfast for their kids in the early morning and have to clean a big mess. 

6. GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer for Food Savers

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine is the frequently bought sealing machine for preserving and extending the life of your foodstuffs. Its airtight vacuum seal protects food from the air and moisture. Whether you are looking to seal your snacks, fruits, meat, fish or vegetables, it works for all food items.

It is easy to operate and comes with versatile features like LED indicators, different modes and easily seal process. The multi-layer material heat seals properly to keep the air out. 

There are 6 different food settings for daily life such as vac seal, seal and stop, canister, moist and dry. You can choose the customized setting and prevent food from spoilage. The fully started kit includes Vacuum Sealer Appliance, vacuum roll, pre-cut bags, vacuum tube and a user manual.

Bring it today at the best price to organize your unorganized refrigerator along with saving space. 

7. Kitchen Chimneys

Earlier, people used exhaust fans to get rid of the smoke only. However, carbon and oil remain the same, which needs further cleaning. Further, exhaust fan leaves stains on the wall. Therefore, the upgraded technology has come up with the superior alternative as Kitchen chimneys. 

Kitchen with chimneys are much better cleaner that provides a healthy and smoke-free cooking experience. They are usually fit above the gas stove to absorb, filter and remove the smoke, fumes etc. and keep the kitchen smoke free.

While exploring the market, we have found the Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney that is ensured to enhance your kitchen décor and keep your kitchen healthy.

Check out the full features of Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney here:

8. Smart WiFi Air Fryer

An incredible smart WiFi Air Fryer completes your family needs with lots of smart features. With the air fryer, you can start cooking and keep an eye on your dish from somewhere else as the fryer can be controlled entirely from a mobile device. 

The smart WiFi is Alexa and WiFi-enabled and supported by VeSync app. This app contains many recipes for breakfast, desserts, appetizers etc. While cooking, a light pops on to remind you to shake the food or, you can choose to receive a notification on your phone.

Another best thing you will find about the Air Fryer is it works efficiently, and stay cools from outside while cooking.

Take your meal preparation at the next level:


We hope you love the trendy home products in 2020. These are also selling at the high demand across the country. You can buy all products at the most reliable site Amazon. So, don’t forget to add these home products in your home.

Author : sonia luthra

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